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A few words about me                          Slovensky: 

I was born in March 17th,1961 in Liptovsky Mikuláš, Slovakia, but I grew up in a little village under Choc’s hills Kalameny which is close to Ružomberok. Surrounded by a beautiful Liptov nature and support of my loving parents, I built deep relationship to the woodwork. This passion actually led me to the Arts and Crafts High School in Bratislava where I graduated in 1979. While using many different techniques – intarsia, encrustation, wood carving, turning or surface treatment, I worked on my skills of artistic carpenter and wood-carver back at my hometown.

I did many different jobs – from preparation work to instalation at the place of destination. Since 1985 I worked in the restoration studio where, under the lead of the specialist, I gained even more experiences in conservation and restoration of historical furniture. After getting sufficient qualification with petrification, polychromy, patina and poliment gold coating, I was entrusted with more advanced restoration of baroque altars.

Because of the political change in my country I evaluated my capabilities and possibilities and so at the beginning of 1991 I have started my own business. This path of an independent craftsman allows me to accomodate my work activities. At first, this art creating takes time within your spare time, but later it is a part of your workload. Gradually, I realized my own ideas and designs and did more and more creative work and custom-work manufacturing. This is focused on reproduction of contemporary furniture, statues and reliefs and follows said criterias. However, in my own art creating I can show my manifestation as an author. The most significant representation of my art are statues and reliefs, where I can fully use my rich and extensive experiences from old manufacturing and ornate techniques.